Energy Vampires Among Us

Could you be the Victim of an Energy Vampire? Here’s how to tell

Vampires were always seen as the dark, fanged bedroom visitors that terrorized neighborhoods after dark and flew to their lair before sunrise in the form of a bat. This, was a much more romantic picture of them.

Today, they don’t violently suck blood–they politely suck the life force directly out of you. Psychic or energy vampires do not have to wear capes or have fangs or even be or believe in psychic energy to be very effective. All they have to be are beacons of darkness and negativity. Some people can walk in a room and light it up and others can leave you a black cloud to hang out under for quite a while after they’ve left you.

How to spot one and how they do what they do:

It’s also not so easy to spot an energy vampire, not by their look. In fact, they can be very charming on the surface or they can be the nicest person you have ever met! Confused? I understand, I was too the first time I met one. That’s because they do what they do on a largely unconscious level. This means they have a nature that resonates with the victim mentality. They are sweet sometimes but fatalistic in their views. If you’re someone that is a go-getter in life, and you have great news about a new business you’re starting, they may be genuinely happy for you but will bring up everything that can and will go wrong. They may think they are helping you and others will actually be out to sabotage your life.

Just being near them can drain you of any hope you have because these people have done nothing with their lives and can’t see how you can do it for yourself. They typically sit in a box and do what’s safe at all costs. You feel tired and uninspired when you’re around them. The sad part is, it can be your own mother or your best friend. The very people you would assume want the best for you. And maybe they do, they just don’t know how to express themselves the right way.

How to deal with them:

Dealing with them can be done in two ways depending on their relationship with you and their scope of influence in your life. One way is to cut yourself off from them immediately and the second way is to sadly exclude them from your plans until they become a reality. If you are successful and they still have negative commentary then exclude them from what you do entirely.

Energy vampires you can’t get away from

There are people that are sensitive to the energies of others. When you are at work or in a crowd in your morning commute or in other public spaces, you may not be able to cut loose so easily. People will tell you to shield yourself with gold light whenever you walk out of the house. But, if you’ve read my pieces prior to this, you’ll know I’m heavy into frequency and vibration in the form of Law of Attraction. If you think you need protection, then what you are looking to protect yourself from strengthens and it becomes a vicious circle.

The way to bounce anyone’s negative vibes off you is to tell yourself on a regular basis until it becomes reality that nobody can or will affect you. Your sovereignty is the most powerful tool you have against any negative influence.

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