Psychics called in after antique shop is ransacked by ghost. – North Devon Journal

The owners of the Olden Ewe in Winner Street, Paignton, called in psychic mediums instead of police when their antique shop was trashed overnight.

Owner Linda Bell freaked out after she came down to see that the shop had been vandalized.
Linda said: “there were mirrors broken, the place was trashed, and weirdly, there was string thrown around”
With no evidence of a break in, they soon connected the strange occurrences to an ornate wardrobe with a scary Satanic head carving they recently purchased for resale.

Evil face carved in wardrobe
satanic wardrobe carving

One of the shops workers said that the wardrobe door had unlocked and opened by itself.

Customers interested in the wardrobe reported that they couldn’t shut the doors. It felt like someone was pushing them open from the inside.

Wardrobe with satanic carved face
Haunted Antique Wardrobe

Other shop visitors mentioned that the area near the wardrobe grew colder and one sensed the presence of a child.

Additional reports of lights going on and off and a plate crashing to the floor.

The wardrobe has now been sold to a museum.


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  1. It looks like it belongs in Castle Dracula to hang his Vampire cape. That’s one evil scary looking carving on the door.

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