The Third Eye

Read This Before you EVER Open your 3rd Eye!

how to open third eye
Opening the third eye

The 3rd eye

So what’s the 3rd eye? It’s been called your Pineal gland and that space between your eyes. Yes, with the awakening and so many trying to spiritually grow, it’s become a fad and a craze but I want to tell you that it’s no joke to open your 3rd eye. The 3rd eye is a gateway to many things and most who are newbies to the spiritual realm will read and watch videos on how to rush that 3rd eye open. This is not something I or many spiritual teachers recommend and here I’ll tell you why.

What Can Happen when you Open the 3rd Eye:

There are many things that can happen when we open our 3rd eye. The experience is different for nearly everyone with a few core similarities. There may be a sudden development of psychic ability. There can be an opening up to beings and entities from other realms. There is typically an awakening that is like waking up from a matrix of the realities we are taught in our lives. This is not always such a beautiful experience. In fact, it can be downright traumatizing. It can cause a change so profound that there is the possibility of relationship breakups, depression and very scary experiences.

What I Suggest:

Opening the 3rd eye as well as the other chakras, that are the other energy centers of the body is something that is supposed to happen naturally through meditation. But, not meditation with a focus on the chakra system and 3rd eye. For example: the third eye represents enlightenment and gateways to the other side and that’s just to name a few. So, when you meditate and start to raise your vibration, the 3rd eye will open naturally and a bit less traumatically. This is the same for the other chakras. The 3rd eye like any chakra reacts to the lessons learned and the development of the soul.

The most important thing to remember is not to focus on any chakra in order to clear it. There’s no reason to. They take care of themselves in each human being. Think of it this way, most human beings aren’t aware they even have chakras yet they open and clear when a person’s vibration is high enough on its own.
So, if spiritual awakening is what you’re looking for then begin a spiritual practice of meditation with the intention of awakening and you’ll achieve it. I would love to hear your experiences so let’s start some dialogue.

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