Sleep Apnea or Something More Sinister?

Sleep Apnea or Something More Sinister?

Ever have that sensation that you are awake but can’t move and it is damn hard to breathe too? Maybe, it’s accompanied by a strong wooshing or ringing in the ears? It may also be accompanied by the distinct feeling that there’s someone there with you and you are not alone.So, like many intelligent people you end up at the doc’s office asking them what the issue is and before you can finish a sentence their science-based mind has you doing sleep study after sleep study.

The difference between sleep apnea and a spirit or demon attack

It’s important that you understand the difference between a spiritual attack and sleep apnea so here is a quick guide to understanding the difference and what to do about it.

Sleep Apnea/Paralysis:

Sleep apnea is caused by one of two things; the tongue falling to the back of the throat causing snoring and shortness of breath or what they call Central sleep apnea by where the brain is not sending the signal to breathe. The solution is simple for this–sleep tests and then probably a C-PAP machine to help breathe properly for you during the night.This is a dangerous condition that can in fact cause death. There are other causes but these are the most common. Sleep paralysis is a byproduct of this in many cases which will in-turn cause these issues.

Spiritual Attack:

This one is a bit more complicated but no worries I’ll always simplify for easy reading as most people aren’t familiar with such phenomenon. Let’s define spiritual attack. This is defined as a physical, mental or emotional interference by an unseen force. The most common attacks are those that make the victim feel as if they are being held down. In some cases a dark or smoky figure is seen in the room on top of the actual person’s chest. Some, report that the lifeforce is being sucked from them as well as their breath.
The difference between this and a sleep disorder of any kind is a certain knowing or experience that the victim feels in themselves as true but can’t prove it to anyone else. They can only find some comfort in the fact that there are other experiencers like them. This can be a very alienating experience for the victim and medical science doesn’t offer much relief.

What to do

Ask yourself some pertinent questions. Have you dabbled in the occult lately? Has anyone in your home done so? This can be anything from Tarot to ghost hunting. If not, could your home be occupied by a new unseen visitor? If none of these things pertain to you then you may want to read my post from last month entitled “ Are you destined to see ghosts?”

Self protection is simpler than you may think

I’m from the Law of Attraction school of thought. This means that what you resist persists. If you feel you need to defend yourself from a devilish onslaught then you are calling it on to yourself stronger and harder. If you take daily precautions to protect yourself then protection is a totally different vibration. It’s akin to placing a seatbelt on yourself to protect you but not from a crash. You see, if you eventually feel safe, like there is an impenetrable armor around you then you won’t be matching the vibrational frequency of an attack {or accident} and therefore should not have one.

What you can do

There is no hard and fast ritual because everyone is different. In order for any self protection to be effective it must be one that you have faith in. You can read the Bible or go to church. You can do a ritual from any other of the Earth religions or simply connect to God in the way you feel comfortable. The clincher is this–you must have the faith and you must perform it without fear.

Example– If you are on this website you have most likely watched A Haunting or A Haunting Of or any ghost show that helps others to rid their homes of ghosts. So, you are familiar with let’s say the crucifix or the smudging with sage and the recitation of some prayer or chant. Do you ever notice that half the time the thing will come back? This can be due to the understandable fear emotion coming from the person that’s performing it. Fear means faith is weak and can be penetrated again as soon as the person drops their guard.

So, in conclusion: by all means adopt a daily routine of faith in something that will allow you to have enough confidence and raise your vibration past the attacks.

Sage Smudging and Incense: Frankincense and Myrrh as well as sage sticks that Native Americans use in ritual can be used very simply. Lite the incense before you go to bed and lay there while visually encased in gold light. White light actually can let the bad in with the good. It’s like you are a beacon that everyone can see. Gold light seems to only let in the positive and raise vibration. Cleanse the home and your room with sage. Takes very little. Just light the end of the stick and in anticlockwise circles sage the 4 corners of the room and the closets and doorways. Eventually it should stop as your confidence grows.

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