Ghostly figure found on real estate listing photo

Ghost Image
Ghost Photo

There are thirteen photos of the property and in the last image a strange shadowy figure seems to have been captured. 

Reddit user LaBertie posted the image of the real estate listing featuring a sealed foreclosed home. In the final photo of the listing, a figure is seen peering through the window of the back door of the home.

“We researched the house and found out that an 81-year-old lady bought the house years ago and died inside. She had no close family which is why it went into foreclosure,” LaBertie claimed in a post.

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One thought on “Ghostly figure found on real estate listing photo

  1. There is an outer storm door. The inner door actually looks open to me and I can see the refrigerator behind her. This looks like the back of the house so maybe kitchen door to the deck. No sidewalk. First ever Ghost Ice Box picture.

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