Sibley Mill Ghost Stories | WRDW News12

The Sibley Mill closed ten years ago but it’s still a well known landmark around Augusta, Georgia.

It’s also the place Karen Reyes, who worked there for 29 years, called her home away from home.

She recounts some haunted history of the Sibley Mill For local news station WRDW News12.

She claims the most paranormal activity was experienced in one particular office area.

Reyes tells a story about several employees hearing soft music playing unable to identify the source of the mysterious melodies.

In another fateful encounter with the supernatural at the mill, Reyes came face to face with a female apparition.

“It was a hazy but you could tell it was a woman” Reyes said.

She asked around and later discovered the story of Maude Williams ghost haunting the Sibley Mill.

Maude Williams is said to have been murdered in the mill, in 1906, by a jilted lover.

The paranormal television show “Ghost Asylum” filmed an investigation while spending the night there.

The investigation will be aired on the Destination America network in November.


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