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The White Lion in Yately has a long history of being haunted going back to the original pub owners ghost who gets upset when his favorite tankard is moved.

The bartender Andy Froker has worked at the White Lion for several years and tells the story of this amazing CCTV video.

He said: “The alarm was going off and we were looking back on the CCTV to see if there was any reason why and we noticed a bit of a ghostly figure.”

White Lion Pub Yateley
White Lion Pub Yateley

You can see the ghostly image on the left side of the video quickly appear then float off.

He continued “It’s not the first time it has happened. We heard a glass fall off of the shelf and smash and when we watched that back on the CCTV it looked like it had flown off the shelf rather than fallen.”

Pub manager Kate Staniszewska believe this footage is of a woman which appears quite often.

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