Hypno-Exorcism Performed on Teen | Grimsby Telegraph

For the past year Sara and Richard Loche and their daughter Yasmin, have been tormented by paranormal activity in their Eleanor Street home.

The Loche family reports clocks running backwards, objects moving around on shelves and even visions of spirit children playing marbles in one of the rooms.

They believe the house is also haunted by the spirit of a woman who died in the home years ago.

The family has called in psychic hypnotist Steve Kneeshaw in an effort to to exorcise the spirits from the home.

Steve and another researcher Kevin, identified the homes loft as the hub of the negative paranormal energy.

Steve said he was instantly drawn to the attic, “I think there’s something up there that wants to get out”.

The pair performed a hypno-exorcism on 16 year old daughter, Yasmin.

Steve induced Yasmin into a relaxed state and urged the spirits to communicate with the paranormal researchers through Yasmin.

Although Steve said he received strong supernatural signals, a clear paranormal message was not recorded.



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